The “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” eco family farm

We used to live in the centre of the city of Osijek and decided to turn our lives upside down.
We sold our flat and full of thrill, bought 7 hectares of ploughfield covered with up to 6 m-high weed since nobody had cultivated it from 1985, which was its greatest value for us.

For 12 years, the “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” eco family farm has been emerging from persistent and constant hard labour and sacrifice of our family.

We intend to spend the rest of our lives on this farm and grow fruit and vegetables and breed animals being of organic nature to the highest possible level.

Today we can say that we have a completely different and an immeasurably better live.

We look forward to every nightingale song in the morning, bee buzzing, evening frog croaking and tranquillity of the night.

No money in the world can divert us from this way of living.

The wealth of the land and nature can be found on the “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” farm.

A big smile to you from
Ana, Marko, Irena and Goran Gusak … Yours truly – Orlov put!