About us

eko kuca orlov putThe “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” eco family farm is featured by an exceptionally favourable site for dealing with organic farming. Surrounded by woods and distant from roads, this farm spreads on about 7 hectares of ploughfields which have been neither chemically treated nor cultivated since 1988. The area of the farm leans on the area of the protected “Kopački rit” Nature Park and its distance from the city of Osijek does not exceed six kilometres.

The name of the farm – Orlov put (Eagle Flyway) – has been proposed by the nature itself. Throughout the year, one can watch eagles and other birds that use this flyway regularly due to their nearby habitat “Kopački rit” Nature Park.

For the purpose of eco tourism, the first wooden eco house in Croatia has been built here. The house is made of black pine logs and covered with the reed growing in the region of Baranya.

We grow organic fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants and breed domestic animals…

Visitors to our farm are not only environmentally concerned lovers of the nature, healthy nutrition and rural way of life but also organized groups of pre-school and school children who participate in environmental workshops. Those who are little or much older know well that on the ’’Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)’’ farm, one can enjoy high quality and extraordinary delicious organic food in the shadows of black locust trees.
The “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” eco family farm was founded by Mr Goran Gusak of Kopačevo, Municipality of Bilje, in the very beginnings of organic production in the Republic of Croatia. I 2001, the farm was registered in the State Eco Registry under number seven.
The owner of the “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” farm, Mr Goran Gusak, was awarded the prize for the BEST AGRICULTURAL PRODUCER IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA at the contest organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2008.

In 2012, the “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” farm was awarded the GREEN CHART OF THE OSIJEK-BARANYA COUNTY.
We used to live in the centre of the city of Osijek and decided to turn our lives upside down.
We sold our flat and full of thrill, bought 7 hectares of ploughfield covered with up to 6 m-high weed since nobody had cultivated it from 1985, which was its greatest value for us.

For 12 years, the “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” eco family farm has been emerging from persistent and constant hard labour and sacrifice of our family.
We intend to spend the rest of our lives on this farm and grow fruit and vegetables and breed animals being of organic nature to the highest possible level.

Today we can say that we have a completely different and an immeasurably better live.

We look forward to every nightingale song in the morning, bee buzzing, evening frog croaking and tranquillity of the night.
No money in the world can divert us from this way of living.

The wealth of the land and nature can be found on the “Orlov put (Eagle Flyway)” farm.

A big smile to you from
Ana, Marko, Irena and Goran Gusak …
Yours truly – Orlov put!